Money refund guarantee:

If you not satisfied with the ordered item you should notify us in writing within 8 days from when you receive the package. Return the parcel to us including goods. The goods should not be used or damaged. after we have received it we will arrange to have your refund transferred into you account. General guarantee: If the item is faulty you can return it by registered post at any time up to 12 mounts after purchase. Keep a copy of your receipt to send with the product. Please note that considering the high fees of shipping you should announce any problems so that we can find the best and reassuring solution for both of us.

Details of my company:

Name: Gombos Márton Egyéni Vállalkozó Official

post address : 2162, Őrbottyán Rákóczi út 119. Pf.:3

Company registration number::EV-981044

Company TAX number: 49951804-2-33

Permit number for sending parcels: 238/2010

E-mail address:,

Moble phone number: 06-30-638-1-639

Payment methode:


I acknowledge the following personal data stored in the user account of [Gombos Márton entrepreneur] ([Headquarters: 2162, Őrbottyán Rákóczi út 119. Post office 3]) in the user database of [] will be handed over to OTP Mobil Ltd. and is trusted as data processor. The data transferred by the data controller are the following:
[Customer name, e-mail adress, phone number, billing adress, shipping adress.]
The nature and purpose of the data processing activity performed by the data processor in the SimplePay Privacy Policy can be found at the following link:

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