Hummer rosette door handle

Daniella square rosette door handle

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It is a massive designed doorhandle with a multiple surface. It is made of  Aluminum-alloy material, which is decorated with glossy / matte chrome finish.
square rosette: 50x50mm

Square rosette door handles have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Looking superb in the majority of settings and even better in modern homes.

Florida doorhandle has a popular minimalist stile due to the simple square shape of the handle and the escutheon. As a result of the shape it is designed for long lifetime. The square rosette door handle looks surprisingly good at the door, thanks to the duo surface. Our Duo Finish Chrome Door Handles on rosette combine the look of both polished and brushed chrome door handles in one.The product is made of aluminum alloy which is decorated with glossy / matte chrome finish. The dual surface is extremely practical as metal materials, rings do not make harm on the matt lever. Furthermore  reprints were not shown on it. Not least it is easy to clean . I have to mention, how the lights plays on the matt and glossy surface, is wonderful.

Buy the ultra-modern Duo brushed and polished chrome door handles online at the cheapest price and be the envy of all your guests.

This type is highly recommended for everyone because it can easily be installed without measuring You do not have to bother with sizes just choose the type of the hole is on your doors.

The mounting points are hidden by decorative threaded rosettes, so it is very aesthetically pleasing sight.
The grips includes extra allen screws on both sides thereby making it even more solid on the doors.
if your door panels is thin and lower-quality it offer you a protection against screw ruptured. In addition, there is an extra support if you have DIN lock body in your doors.In this case you are able to pull the two side rosettes together by through bolts which are also includes in the pack.


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Shiny/matt chrome
Design form
squreshape rosette

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